Participants of the Campaign

Participants of the Campaign

The National Plant Protection Centre in collaboration with the Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector of Dagana carried out two days campaign on Citrus Fruit Drop Collection and Destruction at Drujagang gewog, Dagana on 17-18/11/2016.

Objectives of the Campaign 

  1. To educate and sensitize the importance of community approach of collection and destruction of dropped citrus fruits
  2. To create awareness on different methods of citrus fruit drop collection and destruction
  3. To collect preliminary data to determine the causes of citrus fruit drop

First Day was devoted to in-house session that comprised of power point presentations which offered opportunity to have closer interaction between farmers and the experts from the National Plant Protection Centre in discussing on “Pests and Diseases of Citrus and its Management”

On the second day, participates were taken to the orchards to get the view of citrus fruit drop in the gewogs in this season. Participants were divided into two groups and undertook field work led by the technical staff. Thereafter, collection and destruction of dropped fruits were initiated in the selected orchards. Approximately 2-3 MT of citrus fruits were collected from an acre of orchard. It indicated that there is high degree of fruit drop this season.

In addition, trial on “Fermentation Method of Citrus Fruit Drop Destruction in Drums” was set up in the field.  Dropped citrus fruits were collected  in the drum with chopped Artemisia and other green materials and covered with tight plastic to ensure fast anaerobic respiration . The liquid content after complete decomposition will be collected, tested for its pH and explore its use as liquid manure. The trial is under evaluation in two orchards and was established as part of the campaign. Campaign drew 109 participants including farmers and the local officials. Agriculture Extension Officers from five gewogs namely Largyab, Tsangkha, Tsendagang, Gozhi and Dorona also participated in the campaign to get an idea of replicating it in their respective gewogs.

Collection of Dropped Fruits

Farmers collecting the dropped citrus fruits

Destrcution of dropped citrus fruits in pits

Destrution of dropped citrus fruits in pits






Collection and Destrcution of dropped citrus fruits in drums

Collection and Destrcution of dropped citrus fruits in drums


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