November 27, 2018: The National Plant Protection Center organized a demonstration of electric fencing energizer to the Bhutan Power Corporation, Bhutan Statistical Bureau and Bhutan Electricity Authority. However, BEA could not attend the demonstration. The demonstration was also attended by the Nature Conservation Division. The main objective of the demonstration was to demonstrate the safety and the technical aspects of the new energizer and introduce in the country and reduce the monopoly of the existing energizer.

The demonstration was started by brief opening remarks by the Weed and Vertebrate Pest Management Unit. The Unit welcomed the participants and thanked them for making available for the demonstration. The floor was then passed to the Program Director, who also thanked the participants and opened the floor for discussion. The BPC raised various issues with the electric fencing in general and the illegal tapping of electricity in particular.

After the discussion, the participants were taken to the field where electric fencing energizer was installed. The Unit connected the new energizer called the TH-MARS and propelled the fence. The participants were made to read the voltage in the fence. They were also explained on the technical details of the new energizer. The new energizer was replaced by the existing energizer to make comparison.

The new electric fencing energizer TH-MARS has already been tested, researched and found at par with the existing energizer by the Agriculture Research and Development Center, Wengkhar. The participants also found that the new energizer meeting the technical requirements and safe to be used in the field. The field demonstration will be followed by the formal request to the above mentioned agencies for approval.

Showing TH MARS energizer (left) and Lanstar energizer(right)


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