The effects of intermittent flooding and pretilachlor rates on emergence and early growth of three common weeds of lowland rice were assessed in a screenhouse study. These species were junglerice (Echinochloa colona), smallflower umbrella sedge (Cyperus difformis), and ludwigia (Ludwigia hyssopifolia). The weeds were treated with pretilachlor at 0.075 to 0.3 kg a.i. ha-1 at 3 d after seeding, and subjected to alternate flooding (0, 2, 4, and 6 cm water depth) and draining that commenced 2 d after herbicide treatment. Intermittent flooding to 6 cm decreased the emergence of all three weed species. Smallflower umbrella sedge growth was not affected by flooding alone, but was completely suppressed by pretilachlor application. Growth of junglerice was reduced more by pretilachlor when application was followed by flooding.  For details report please click to link given below:

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