The Safe System approach of WWF, which is holistic and long-term, seeks to address the current shortcomings of HWC in Bhutan. The approach intends to create safe environment for both people and their assets and wildlife and their habitats in a landscape for their harmonious co-existence. The approach was piloted in nine Gewogs in four Dzongkhags. One of the activities of the pilot project was to conduct rapid assessment of HWC in these nine Gewogs.This report is based on the results of the rapid assessment.The results from the rapid assessment reveal that while wildlife and their habitats are safe, people and their assets are unsafe in Bhutan.There is a need for actions across the six elements of Safe System approach to bring about safe people, safe assets, safe wildlife, safe habitat and improved monitoring. Accordingly, in consultation with the stakeholders from the Dzongkhags and the Gewogs, strategies were developed.Report launching
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Final report HWC SAFE system approach

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