The NPPC is in the process of compiling the pesticides requirement for the fiscal year 2017-18, and you are requested to submit the demand of pesticides for the fiscal year latest by 31st.July 2017. The demand must be submitted in view of pest/weeds/problems in your Dzongkhag. It must be realistic to reflect the actual requirement of your Dzongkhag/Institution. Over and or underestimation of demand will result in accumulation or shortage of pesticides. Any demand that arrives after the deadline will not be entertained by this office as we have to seek approval for procurement of pesticides from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests.

Upon the receipt of the chemicals from the suppliers, the NPPC will notify you all about the availability of chemicals, which should be lifted from NPPC store within the stipulated time. We only deal on cash and carry system and therefore, you are kindly requested to adhere to it.

Kindly ensure the above detailed mechanism of pesticides procurement and distribution by informing the farmers of your Dzongkhags accordingly. You are requested to submit the demand as per attached format given below:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Pesticide list and format
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