Dr MaheshDr. Mahesh, CEO Grus Ecosciences, Bengaluru, India made a presentation on the Bioacoustics for crop protection to the staff of National Plant Protection Centre (NPPC) and officials from RNR RDC Yusipang and Wengkhar  on 4th July 2016 at the NPPC Conference Hall. In India, Bioacoustics has been successfully implemented not only for protection crops from wildlife depredation but also to deter birds at the airports.

Bioacoustics is the sound produced by animals & bird which are of three types; 1.the alarm call-produced by animals when it witnesses a danger; 2. Distress call- when it is caught by a predator and 3. The predator call- is the predatory animal calls.Bioacoustic

There is no single sound for all animals and birds and therefore different set of bioacoustics are used for dispersing different animals. There are 2 types of equipments produced to cater for this, viz. the bird deterrent equipment known as Harmony Q-5 and the animal deterrent equipment is Harmony Q-3. The bioacoustic equipment broadcasts these natural sounds carefully selected and sequenced for maximum deterrence. This equipment produces preloaded bioacoustics targeting 13 species of animals including the wild boar, elephant and monkeys among others and is 90% effective on them. The harmony Q-5 targets 14 species of birds including the crows, parakeets and rock pigeon. The equipment can function using solar energy, commercial electricity and can run on battery (included) for 10-12 hours.

A set of Bioacoustics has been handed over to NPPC for testing and piloting on a trial basis while another one will be shipped to NPPC at a later stage. If found effective, these devices would serve as a complimentary mechanism to Electric Fencing in crop protection.

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