The Red palm weevil(Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) management training was conducted at Chuzergang Gewog at Sarpang and Yoeseltse Gewog at Samtse on 15th and 18th December respectively. 200  farmers attended the training program. The farmers were trained on identification, life cycle, damage symptoms and management strategies of red palm weevil. The farmers were also trained on set up and use of pheromone traps against red palm weevil.  The NPPC will supply pheromone traps and lures to the arecanut growers in these gewogs.

Red palm weevil is currently detected in Sarpang, Chukha and Samtse Dzongkhags respectively causing damages in arecanut.

Showing the pheromone trap

Red palm weevil captured at Yoeseltse

Damage of red palm weevil on arecanut at Chuzergang


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