National Plant Protection Centre would like to inform to all  District Agriculture Officers (DAOs) & Agriculture Sale Service Representatives (ASSRs) that the supply of Butachlor for this season will commence with immediate effect.

Therefore, all ASSRs are requested to collect Butachlor from NPPC available for sale @ Nu 37/= per Kg (Nu 370 per 10 Kg bag). The minimum quantity required to be lifted using DCM is 5 MT and 8 MT for Truck. Owing to high costs, transportation using Pickups/Bolero will not be entertained from this year.

ASSRs intending to procure Butachlor may deposit the cost of Butachlor in our new Account bearing No. 100890599 (SBA for Revolving Fund) and must provide following information along with Bank Deposit Slip: –

  1. Name of ASSR
  2. Unloading Point
  3. Name of Geog
  4. Name of Dzongkhag
  5. CID Number
  6. Contact No. of ASSR

Sale of butachlor

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