Currently two scientist from United States of America, Dr. Martin Hauser and Dr. Christ Borkent from Plant Pest Diagnostics Centre, California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), are on two weeks long (13th to 30th August, 2017) visit to Bhutan. The scientist accompanies by team from National Plant Protection Centre (NPPC), Agriculture Research and Development Centre, Bajo (ARDC-Bajo) and Agriculture Research and Development Centre, Samtenling (ARDC-Samtenling) will be surveying sites in Wangdue, Punakha, Tsirang and Sarpang districts for collecting fruit flies (Tephritidae) samples to build a specimen and DNA barcode reference collection/library for pest fruit fly species from Bhutan. The survey will help further enhance the current fruit flies referral collection and also help identify new species if recorded any.

NPPC staff with visiting scientists

Team setting up Malaise trap

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