Entomology Division


Harlequin bug 

The Entomology Division was started in 1984 with the financial assistance from the European Community (EU). The division specifically deals with insect pest problems of agricultural importance in the country. The unit currently has three staff (1 Masters, 1 Degree and 1 laboratory assistant).

The major functions of the division are to:

  • Provide advisory and diagnostic services to farmers, extension and researchers, and other stakeholders in relation to insect pest problems in the country.
  • Conduct adaptive field trials in priority crops for major insect pests.
  • Conduct pest surveillance and surveys.
  • Rear and identify insect collected from the field.
  • Update and develop the national referral collection for insect pests.
  • Impart training to farmers and extension personnel.
  • Develop extension and training materials.

The division maintains the National insect referral collection which holds more than 3000 identified insect specimens. It also maintains the insect rearing facility in the centre.

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