“To be a premier national institution for excellence in Integrated Pest Management”


  • To generate pest management technologies that is safe for human health and environment
  • To disseminate pest management technologies for effective adoption by farmers
  • To reduce crop losses to pest organisms,(quality & quantity) – economically acceptable level


Function as a National Referral & Coordinating Centre for all PP activities including:

  • Information management (surveillance & pest database) and Pest Risk Analysis (PRA)
  • Research and Development (entomology, pathology, weed science, plant protection products, vertebrate pests)
  • Diagnostic activities: Identity of Insect Pest/disease pathogen/ Weeds
  • Laboratory and advisory services
  • Education and Awareness activities
  • Regional & International coordination and collaborative activities

Brief Background

The National Plant Protection Centre (NPPC) under the Department of Agriculture, MoAF is the national referral centre for plant health management. This referral mandate covers two very important core national referral mandates of:

  1. Diagnostics which is done through the National Plant Health Referral Laboratory; and
  2. the Plant Health Management Program or the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program that generates IPM technology through R&D and provides the plant protection services.

For catering towards the national referral mandates, the NPPC has six technical divisions:

  1. Plant Pathology Division – responsible for activities related to plant disease management;
  2. Entomology Division – responsible for activities related to insect pest management;
  3. Weed Science & Vertebrate pest management Division – responsible for activities related to weed & vertebrate pest management;
  4. Plant Protection Product Division – responsible for activities related to pp product management, that includes pesticides;
  5. Pest Surveillance Division – responsible for activities related to pest information systems; and
  6. Laboratory Division – responsible for activities related to pest diagnostics.

Plant Protection Services provided through the National Plant Protection Program:

  • Pest Forecasting Services – Pre-warning and education on the epidemics
  • Early warning Services – Informed Options for decision making
  • Pest Information Services – For all clients (traders, investors, researchers, students, and so on)
  • Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) – Export/Import and FDI investors
  • Diagnostics Services – for all clients
  • R&D – Pest Management Technology services
  • Field Visits & Advisory – Back up, verification and validation
  • Training & Education – Capacity building and updating on technologies
  • Plant Protection Product Input management – Judicious use, Human health and environment concerns

History of NPPC

Plant protection services started since 1961 as Plant Protection (PP) unit under Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Forest with the role of providing PP services and distribution of chemicals. Institution of Plant Protection Program at Semtokha started with the onset of EEC PP Project (1984-2000) that helped in organizing of PP input procurement and supply system.

Regional Plant Protection Centres and Dzongkhag PP stores were established with PP inspectors with assistance from IPMDP – EU Project (1993-2000) which was dissolved in 2002. Since then , the centre is functioning as the pioneer institution in the country with the mandate of functioning  as a National Referral & Coordinating centre for all PP activities which includes information management (surveillance & pest database) and Pest Risk Analysis (PRA), research and Development (entomology, pathology, weed science, plant protection products, vertebrate pests), laboratory and advisory services and regional & international coordination and  collaborative activities.

The Centre as the Apex institution in National PP Program oversee the PP program in the country thus providing direction and guidance to the PP Program in the country, function as a national referral & coordinating agency for all PP activities, be the repository centre of pest and plant protection products information and be the authority to review, update and recommend appropriate plant protection products.

The Centre also develops & strengthens the Components of the PP Program framework for generating PP technologies for delivering effective PP services and enhance the delivery of PP Services.

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