Group photo

Group photo

Dr. Vinod Pandit from Plantwise, Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI) visited the National Plant Protection Centre, Semtokha on 25thFebruary, 2016. He gave presentation on Plantwise, a strategy for improving food security and rural livelihood to the technical staff of the NPPC.

Plantwise is a global programme led by Centre CABI, which works to help farmers lose less of what they grow so that they can feed more. CABI works closely with National Agricultural advisory services, establish and support sustainable networks of plant clinics, where farmers can avail practical plant health advice.

The presentation mainly focused on:

  • CABI’s mission and member countries
  • Plantwise’s goal, concept and member countries
  • Plant clinic and knowledge bank concept
  • Plantwise Online Management System (POMS)
  • Pest management decision guide
  • E-plant clinics
Presentation by Dr. Vinod

Presentation by Dr. Vinod







The session concluded with a pledge to work collaboratively and cooperatively between NPPC and CABI &



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